My Pride VS. American Pride
Pussy Grabs Back
What's Under The Rug
The Night I Found Out
Financial Crisis
The Runaway
The Aftermath
The series of images you are looking at reflect the aftermath of the night of November 11 2016. The night that changed what America stands for and what it represents. These images offer many different tones and perception that highlight the idea of a “New America”, or what many like to call it. The Aftermath deals with how the election has affected each individual mentally, emotionally, and physically.
As we are headed towards what is now the “Make America Great Again” spectrum, voices aren’t being heard, people are fleeing, emotions are intact, and the country falling apart. These groups of people specifically feel like they are targeted into what contributes to the idea of what “Making America Great Again” really is.
This series targets those who have felt silenced due to their affiliated groups that society subjects them. With that being said, I give them the platform to speak openly and honestly about how they feel toward this newly elected president. The objective of this project was to have them enact their civil right of the first amendment, freedom of speech. Each person depicted is apart of a selective minority group that is constantly rejected in our American society because we live in a world were white male privilege is upheld. I wanted to challenge this ideal because it is a topic that is constantly seen as cliché and needs to be swept under the rug due to the controversy surrounding it. 
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